Thursday, 17th June 2021

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What's New this month

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The first ever National Congress of Internet and Electronic Commerce is scheduled to take place in Marbella on  21, 22, and 23 of June at the Golf Hotel Guadalmina, which is stated to be the Official address for the ICE Congress.

I+ICe is organised jointly by C.I.T., DINTEL, PERSONAS and the Golf Hotel Guadalmina. The price for participation is 95.000  pts (+IVA). The Seminars and speeches will presumably be in Spanish and the main theme is “ “La firma digital y las agencias certificadoras". An attendance of some 150 persons is anticipated plus 9 companies who  will be exhibiting their goods and novelties next to the conference rooms.

FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION: It is estimated that the number of people connected to the Internet world-wide will reach a figure of some  327 millions by the end of this year. 

It is also stated that 82% of these will be shared between only fifteen Countries. Another source of information tells us that the number of web pages and sites in existence at the moment exceeds 1 billion, of these only 25% can be located using the conventional search engines. Talk about being lost in space! 

Now this is a new one! It would seem that employers now can face claims presented by employees who become addicted to surfing. The compulsion to surf the net can be classed as a disability which has been named “Internet Addictive Disorder”.

A recent survey on the use of Internet by school children would seem to have  disclosed that  the majority of students are using the Internet to access sport, gossip, clothes, music or other leisure sites instead of the educational sites that they are supposed to explore.

Most schools would have filters to stop children accessing sex sites, but it is difficult to stop them accessing other recreational sites.

The main reason given by the students is that they find the educational sites extremely boring. In reality, more time is spent watching television than using the Internet at an averaging only some 2 or 3 hours a week.  


In last month’s edition, I said that perhaps one day it may even be possible to touch and smell what one sees on the Internet.

While this guide was being distributed, it was announced on the Internet that someone had discovered a way to transmit smells over the Net. If this is not an incredible coincidence, I do not know what is!

This was confirmed by a recent article on the “DailyExpress”. The American firm Digiscents is analysing the molecular structure of thousands of smells and attaching a digitised code to each. The smells are then sealed in oil-filled capsules and played on an “iSmell” machine. 

Whatever scent is called for, the machine mixes a selection from 128 aromas to reproduce the right scent, which is dispersed into the air with the aid of a fan. Apparently the iSmell machine will retail in Europe early next year at aroun 130 pounds, complete with the software and a cheaper version, incorporating less complex smells, will also be avialble at around the 30 pounds mark.

If you can get the Internet on a TV screen, you can now also get a film on the Internet. Is this a fair exchange?

A number of companies have now ventured into screening movies: short amateur clips, clips featuring prominent actors, film pre-views and even paying full feature films.

I do not know how economical this might be, but anyone with hardware or software  older than 2 or 3 years may not be able to see any of it and certainly they will not have an enjoyable picture. Others, with more modern equipment at their disposal, may find that the telephone lines are much too slow to permit full enjoyment.

However, the breakthrough has been made and it is, to say the least, revolutionary. At the speed we are going, it won’t be long before the creases are ironed out. Check out:
www. worldfilm &  also

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