Saturday, 8th August 2020

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A word of caution!

A word of caution!

For residents and visitors of the Costa del Sol alike.

We all know what we had to endure on the Costa del Sol since the middle of March when strict restriction were imposed in order to contain the Coronavirus and eliminate it from our area.

The menace is invisible, it has been identified how it contaminates people and the speed with which it does it, and therefore it made a lot of sense to make it visible by  isolating it in people and making it visible this way. Once visible you can then deal with it while waiting for vaccines.

The restrictions imposed were enforced by threats of heavy fines, arrest and even deportation with the result that we are working our way out of the epidemic and  started to resume what is left of our businesses and lives.

Of course our economy on the Costa depends on tourism and foreign visitors, naturally they are welcome to enjoy our climate, beaches, sun and the rest that make
our Costa one of the most desirable places  to enjoy a holiday. But, are they going to respect the safety and security measures that remain imposed?


What if they do not?
Watching the British news terrifies me!

People seem to do what they like with little or no awareness of the danger they cause by overcrowding and not respecting the precautions. Is this what they will do  here?

Spain is the major holiday target for the British, unfortunately Britain is one of the worst infected countries. The government has failed to avoid serious errors in controlling the virus and, what is worse, it has been totally laxed in enforcing the necessary safety measures with the result that the UK beaches get massively overcrowded with total contempt of any precautions. Despite the growing number of casualties, the UK is moving on to deescalation even by allowing pubs to open.

I hope that the Spanish authorities are capable of protecting us and even impose heavy penalties for breaches of safety. In any case let’s not be fooled by a false sense of security, be vigilant, do not assume that Covid-19 is over. We need to move on and not get back to another epidemic.

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