Tuesday, 4th August 2020

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CORONAVIRUS Are we over exaggerating the peril?

CORONAVIRUS Are we over exaggerating the peril?

It sounds more like a pandepanic than a pandemic.

While our attention is focused on the dreaded Coronavirus, as a matter of fact the normal annual flu has already affected an estimated 29 million people and killed  some 10,000 patients in the U.S.A. alone. Globally it is estimated that the annual dreaded flu affects 5 Million Cases Worldwide with 650,000 deaths each year.

By  contrast the total number of people worldwide contracting the Coronavirus now stands at **85,693 with 2933 deaths (66 in the U.S.A. with 3 deaths). The majority of the cases are in China where it would seem the virus started. These figures are despite the existence of a flu vaccine which this year has been more effective than ever.  Meaning we should be more worried and pay more attention to this regular annual killer rather than panic to the extent that, if we continue with this panic, we shall  create a global recession which we certainly do not need.


It has been established that the Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets (sneezes, coughs), body contact (shaking hands, etc) and touching contaminated surfaces  (3/4 days after contamination).

It has also been established that it affects mainly elderly people with existing chronic problems and that the mortality rate is very low. 

In conclusion, let’s save ourselves from a self-inflicted recession. Let’s was our hands, not kiss and shake hands, wear masks if we must but most of all let’s not run    down our economy.

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