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The mammography SAVES LIVES

The mammography SAVES LIVES

The importance of an annual mammogram beginning at age 40 By the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Unit at HC Marbella International Hospital

In the European Union one of every 8 women suffer from breast cancer, being the number one cause of death from a cancer disease in women aged between 35 and 55 years.

While the number of cases and incidence rates slowly increase, mortality figures drop, largely due to a better outcome of treatment and early detection.

Our primary purpose, therefore, is to encourage image techniques and clinical care appropriate for each woman based on her personal and family characteristics of risk for an early diagnosis of malignant breast disease.

Today, approximately 25% of cases of breast cancers occur in women under 50 years and in Spain under 5% of women have had a mammogram before that age. It is this age, a time of change in women that is our main concern and we want to focus on.



Aim to save lives:
The advice on screening programs We consider it necessary to advise each woman what are the tests that exist for the detection and when they should be performed. It is essential to make society aware of the importance of carrying out a proper clinical examination of the breasts and teach how to perform breast selfexamination as well as provide information on the benefits of participating in a program of early detection of breast cancer.

Professionals at the Breast Unit HC Marbella International Hospital unite its concern for one of the most common diseases in women, breast cancer. Therefore, our Unit has specialists in radiology, pathology, oncology, gynecology, plastic surgery and physiotherapy, in our belief that the multidisciplinary teams can offer the best quality diagnosis and treatment.

Our goal is prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.. From HC Marbella we encourage you to attend gynecological consultations where we can advise you for proper monitoring Breast Health.

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