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Hand Made Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunnies

Hand Made Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunnies

An ideal gift that can even be personalised with a short message!

Easter is such a nice time of the year! You can literally smell the spring air, feel the warmer sun, and see the multicoloured flowers springing out in every garden and field. It marks the start of a good time ahead both in a religious sense as well as fun.
The Egg and the Bunny are the gifts we make to our children and friends to symbolise this time of year; regretfully this is one thing that is not part of Spanish tradition. Spain may have caught up with Christmas on the 25th, but it has not quite yet adopted the Easter Egg and Bunny idea. As a result you will not find a selection of Easter Eggs in the supermarkets or other stores the way we are used to, which is a bit of a disappointment.

However there are some specialty shops like “Miel in Sabinillas” that thankfully do believe in real Chocolate eggs and enable us to continue with our custom and Easter spirit right here in Spain.



Patisseries Miel have made a very good name for themselves since they first opened in 2004. As many of us have discovered, their exquisite cakes and pastries are some of the finest you can get anywhere and they are most desirable. Or should I say irresistible?

The hand made Belgian chocolate eggs and bunnies are filled with assorted hand made chocolates and they are prepared to order, which means that they can also be personalised with a short “sweet” message.

While you visit Miel and wait for your egg to be wrapped, do not forget to cast an eye over the mouth watering display of fine Belgian chocolates and the assortment of delicately prepared cakes in the display cabinet. Can you really resist?

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