Monday, 14th June 2021
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Es.Arte Gallery Exhibition of Juanjo Viota

Es.Arte Gallery Exhibition of Juanjo Viota

"Flashes of Genius" exhibition at the Es.Arte Gallery in collaboration with the Burn-In gallery of Vienna.

On the 10th November, in cooperation with the Burn-In gallery of Vienna, have officially opened the “Flashes of Genius” exhibition showing the works of Renate Polzer, Heribert Jascha Heribert Jascha, Eva Pisa, Ingeborg Rauss, Josefina Temin as the main exhibitors as well as Marife Nuñez.

This exceptional exhibition will be shown until the end of November before the creations are returned to Vienna. An opportunity not to be missed.

Due to the success of the famous Italian artist Eugenio Pardini exhibition, it was necessary to extend it to the 30th November, however it had to be moved to our other space in Fernando Moreno, Urb.Las Medianas in San Pedro. 

From the 5th of December, the Es.Arte Gallery will be exhibiting the work of Juanjo Viota.



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