Tuesday, 2nd March 2021
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Official launching of Art School Project Genesis by Corinne Lewin

Official launching of Art School Project Genesis by Corinne Lewin

On the 24th of June, at 21.30, more than 100 people attended the official launch of this project which provides children and youngsters with free art classes with the galleryÂ’s professional artists at their schools with the co-operation of the schools and colleges of the Costa del Sol.

Mrs Norma Rojas Nóbregas - Corinne Lewin - Mr José de la Rosa - Mr Alain Pierard with Kids United

The cost of such a magnanimous service to society is borne entirely by Corinne Lewin founder of the Atrium Gallery Marbella and the forthcoming program of events will be disclosed in due time, as it unfolds, to the national and international press. 

On display at the gallery were various works of art created by Roberta Dazzi, Duckx and Lala Van de Veken using Swarovski crystals as their material.  

It was an emotional and moving moment when, in between the chitter chatter of visitors and various members of the press and photographers, the waiters offering drinks and delicious servings of finger food, it was discovered that UNICEF had accepted the invitation to make their presence at the event with a wonderful musical display performed by none other than KIDS UNITED

We have been asked to express a special word of thanks to Mr Alain Pierard, the representative for the Governor of Rotary International and founder of Rotary International District 2203 in Andalucia; to Mr. José de la Rosa, President of UNICEF Andalucia; and Mrs Norma Rojas Nóbregas, President of the Association of the United Nations in Venezuela for honouring the event with their presence and… last but not least to the 5 children of Kids United.  


We have been asked to express a special word of thanks to Mr Alain Pierard, the representative for the Governor of Rotary International and its Foundation, District 2203. in Andalucia; to Mr José de la Rosa, President of UNICEF Andalucia; and Mrs Norma Rojas Nóbregas, President of the Association of the United Nations in Venezuela for honouring the event with their presence and last but not least to the 5 children of Kids United.

Brigitte Krief Pedagogical Director & Michel Krief President Director General of C’Phenomenal


Models Giovanna Terrasi & Oxana Essina                                  Corinne Lewin with Kids United

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