Sunday, 20th June 2021
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New salon Experience

New salon Experience

Hopefully summer is finally upon us so we need to think of hair protection from those damaging U.V. Rays.

‘Wood Hairdressing’ will recommend the sun and colour care products specifically for you. But what can be done for those people with frizzy or curly hair that goes brittle and dry in the sun and out of control? ‘Wood’ have the perfect answer!

The Permanent Brazilian Blow Dry”.

What is it exactly?
A gentle straightening technique where the hair shaft is coated in Keratin (hair’s primary protein) to give a temporary hair dried look and a naturally frizz-free, smooth but bouncy texture.

How long does it last?
It will fade progressively over two to four months, depending on how coarse your hair is.


Who is it suitable for?
It’s great for frizzy manes and it works brilliantly on coloured or high-lighted hair as it will make it softer and shinier. Also for people who get hot in the sun and their hair goes curly.

How do I maintain it?
You can’t wash or tie back your hair for three days, then you must use a sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner every time you wash it after that. ‘Wood Hairdressing’ have the perfect luxury products to maintain your hair.

What we say
Those with medium textured, wavy, frizzy prone hair will be able to just wash and go, but coarse or curly girls should expect a spot of blow drying.

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