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Milly the Chihuahua.

Milly the Chihuahua.

This year’s Guinness Book of Records’ smallest dog in the world. Known as the world's smallest dog breed, the Chihuahua also has one of the most prominent personalities when it comes to canines.

Number 1. Chihuahua. A national symbol of Mexico, and a famous “purse dog,” the Chihuahua is a loyal, charming dog with a Napoleon syndrome, which makes it feel like a huge dog.

Number 2 . Yorkshire terrier
The greatest feature of every Yorkie is a silky and glossy coat. Although they are small, they don’t possess the same amount of submissiveness as other lap dogs,  which is why they are not so great for families with small children.



Number 3. Pomeranian
Although they are small, they can be really protective of their owners and they tend to bark a lot. They respond well to training, but because of their intelligence they know how to get what they want. m or black mixed with white.

Number 4. Maltese
They enjoy enclosed spaces, the main reason why people in urban areas prefer the Maltese over other small dog breeds. They are lively and playful, but should be supervised when playing with smaller children.

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