Wednesday, 23rd September 2020

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An increase in demand for properties on the Costa del Sol

An increase in demand for properties on the Costa del Sol

The property market is recovering faster than expected

The property market on the Costa del Sol is recovering faster than predicted, most of the repossessed stocks have been sold and the new building sector is gaining pace, a clear indication of things to come.

While the demand is greater in Marbella, however, as prices rise, the expansion is flowing into neighbouring Estepona and Manilva. There even starts to be a shortage of certain types of property in the most soughtafter spots, however there is a definite difference in building styles and demand.

The tendency is quality with more space as opposed to the frantic quantity and ultrasmall apartments that were being built prior to the recession through pure and simple greed, one of the causes for the bubble to burst. Many of these quality improvements are noted by the number of renovations to existing buildings in order to meet the new trend. It is obvious that the element of future investment is now playing a big part.


While Brexit seems to have increased the demand of quality UK property buyers on the Costa del Sol for investment as well as residence purposes, the demand from a number of different other nationalities has also increased for similar reasons.

Spain of course is one of the safest locations for property investments, we have seen what happened before with  Turkey and the rest. Now that we are set for a period of gradual growth, the sooner one enters the market the greater would be the investment in time.

One way to maximise one’s investment is to build your own but to do so it is essential to employ a professional, established firm to look after your interests such as MATECNO S.L. and guarantee that the job is done correctly within a pre-set budget and time and within the legal frame.

What is even more encouraging to support this growth is the fact that tourism on the Costa del Sol is also on the increase with a greater variety of nationalities. While the climate may well be one of the major contributors to this demand, it would seem that many of the other favourite holiday destinations have provoked feelings of insecurity both political as well as natural through floods, earthquakes and so on.

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