Tuesday, 18th May 2021

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Mario Montella

Mario Montella

A successful entrepreneur specializing in luxury events with more than 25 years’ experience .

His aim is to always offer the best possible personalized experience with great attention to detail, in his relationships with clients, partners or employees. He is committed to offering the best to his clients, providing excellence even beyond expectations.

Montella constantly reinvents the concept of service, taking advantage of constantly changing technologies, always seeking to be one step ahead, anticipating customer needs and achieving bold goals Makes particular use of his excellent
international experience in public relations and communication, specializing in Commerce, Food and Beverages, business planning and event planning. A focused professional, deeply dedicated to service, works with great passion, always putting clients first. He emphasizes that providing you with excellence is not a marketing device - it has been his calling and obsession since the beginning of his career.

Mario’s first experience was when, at the age of 23, he created the “Speakeasy”, the famous restaurant/cocktail bar in Milan embracing new trends and ideas. Later he became an associate of “Takeaway Solferino, Milan’s famous 80’s cocktail bar and also organised the events of “Ubi Major Club” both for private and high profile companies.

Now based in Marbella, he continues to provide a selective, attentive, bearing in mind that these days of modernisation old values must be applied to achieve the greatest clients’ satisfaction. For this reason he has formed a cooperation with Rock Conciergerie of Montecarlo to extend his services between the two locations and at the same time to provide what is now considered an essential protection for the famous and other VIP personalities.



That is the protection from the web from theft of identity, trolls, defamation, and similar unpleasant surprises. In accepting the proposition of Corinne Lewin of Rock Conciergerie Montecarlo, who is well connected with specialists and experts dedicated to managing the digital image and E reputation of her V.I.P.s clients, it means that the following additional services can now be included in the range of services that Mario Montella provides:

  • Control and Management of public image on the web
  • Real time monitoring of clients names, family, children, businesses
  • Management and resorption of national and international digital crises (Before, during, after)
  • Creation of a Task Force with 2 hours (communicating, lawyers)
  • Creazione di una Task Force di esperti in due ore (Comunicanti, avvocati), communication strategy. Media Management yand press releases.
  • TV coaching
  • Crisis prevention
  • Strengthening the presence in the web
  • Digital Bodyguard
  • Appointed project manager following 24h 7/7Un capo progetto vi segue H24, 7/7: surveillance, control, preventin, reply.


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