Saturday, 8th May 2021

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A devoted Rotarian's wedding in Monaco performed by George Massan, the Mayor of Monaco himself

Every time I go past Marbella, it saddens me to see the large ATRIUM sign at the front of empty premises. ATRIUM was a most welcome and refreshing art gallery, created by a very determined lady and a Rotary Club Member who just wanted to show to everyone how to appreciate art.

For this reason, she also created the original and only Art School Project Genesis by Corinne Lewin. She believed that the best way to teach how to appreciate works of art is to start by educating children, who may even become artists themselves in the course of events.

She could not do enough to promote this concept; she contacted schools, she organised art competitions, she gave expensive prizes to the young competitors. All in the name of art and all at her expense.

The most relevant event was the reception she organised in Marbella on the 24th June 2017 for the official launching of the Art School Genesis Project on the Costa del Sol, when she invited professionals, artists and personalities who attended from all parts of the world, including the press.

The whole of this successful event was entirely paid for by Corinne Lewin, all on her own, including the presence of UNICEF and their famous children who gave a most impressive performance.

And then…? Shortly afterwards, she literally disappeared. All we knew is that she had to get back to her homeland in Monaco. That was a sad day indeed, and a great loss to Marbella and the Costa del Sol as a whole.


But did we think she had forgotten us? If so, we were wrong! A lady of this calibre does not forget. And not forgetting is undoubtedly the underlying reason for her sudden return to Monaco and her answer to the most  natural call in the world “love”.

Yet, Corinne Lewin never forgot her friends on the Costa, a part of her heart had been left behind. On the 14th July 2018, one year later, she finally married her beloved new husband, Eric Orinel.The ceremony was conducted by no less than the Mayor of Monaco, George Massan at the Monaco Town Hall and was witnessed by Sheik Saudi Abdallah al Fassi, Tagi Nizar director of One Ocean Port Vell Barcelona as well as Jocelyn Jurad her friend and personal coach. All followed by a reception at the Fairmont Nikki Beach.

Unfortunately, the newly formed family, uniting both parties’ children, prevents Corinne from re-opening her gallery but it does not prevent her from officially joining those persons she considers her friends at the new Rotary Club Estepona-Sotogrande International.

She will of course be present at the official Cocktail reception on the 13th October and will no doubt visit from time
to time while she will only dedicate her future services to private art collectors for their homes and yachts.

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