Thursday, 22nd April 2021

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Rotary Club meeting

Twinning with Roma Tevere

Perhaps the best meeting that has taken place so far during this pandemic has been the meeting of the 18th March, another internet meeting but with an important difference.

In the first place it was attended by the regional Governor Ricatdo J. Molina and his good lady, and secondly it was also attended by Alberto Rizzo, President of the RC   Roma Tevere, who paid us a visit to confirm the twinning of our two clubs.


The amazing surprise is that he came accompanied by:

Mario Pasquino
Past President
Carlo Noto la Diega
PDG Past Governor
Marco Merelli
Presidente Commissione
Maria Ruggeri Bancheri
Presidente Incoming
Giuseppe Di Tommaso
Angelo Chianese
Presidente Commissione Formazione Rotariana
Fabrizio Petrosino
Segretario Distrettuale a.r. 2022-2022

This is a fantastic achievement and the certificate signed by both presidents is evidence of this feat.

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