Wednesday, 5th May 2021

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ROTARY CLUB First personal attendance meeting after lock-down

Finally we could have our first face to face meeting at our headquarters in the H10 hotel since the start of the lock-down.

We would have been looking forward to  our dinner in celebration of the “Collar” for the new president, however this seems to be fated. Firstly it was delayed to  September in the hope that the pandemic would be under control, then, having finally decided to hold it at the Carmen restaurant in Estepona, the restaurant burned  down with the whole of the Laguna Village.

It was decided to try and hold it in October at a different location to be confirmed as soon as possible. Let’s hope it does not get flooded.

The good news is that all the 3 freezers have now been delivered to the Comedor Social EMAUS de Estepona thanks to Louise Palmer and the Chellaram Foundation  who have contributed to the larger part of the cost.

Dario Tentori, a volunteer to the kitchen in charge of receiving and organizing the storage of foodstuffs, says the 3 freezers have
made all the important difference after two of their freezers had broken down.

It is our aim and it gives all our members pleasure to be of service to our society. 


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