Saturday, 26th September 2020

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Rotary Club Estepona-Sotogrande International

Thanks to the hard work provided by our President Carla Bordoli with the assistance of all our members, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved a lot more than we hoped for in our first year and our Rotarian monuments placed in Casares, Manilva and San Roque are the final accolade to mark this point in our life.

14/6/2019 Inauguration of monument in Manilva (Sabinillas)

28th June Inauguration of monument in San Roque (P.N. de Guadiaro)


Our intention is to continue to provide whatever help we can to assist in the betterment of our areas and we take this opportunity to thank Don José María García Urbano Mayor of Estepona, Don José Carrasco Martinez Mayor of Casares, Don Mario Jimenez Rodriguez Mayor of Manilva and Don Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix Mayor of San Roque for the co-operation they have given us and their expressed intention to give us their continued support in our objectives.

We give our special thanks to Javier Boscá ( for designing the monument and to our Rotarian Colleague Vicente Boscá ( for providing everything else needed for the realisation of all our monuments.

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