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Juan Enrique Mendoza fills the Casino de Marbella with colour

Juan Enrique Mendoza fills the Casino de Marbella with colour

Juan Enrique Mendoza exhibits his bullfighting inspired modern paintings at the Casino de Marbella

Some 300 people, friends of the artists and guests of the Casino, attended the opening of the exhibition of paintings by Juan Enrique Mendoza “TAUROMAQUIA”.
The event started with a cocktail at 8.30 pm on Thursday the 8th April and a flamenco guitarist provided the live music.

Described as the Master of colour schemes, Juan Enrique Mendoza, inspired by bullfighting, uses colours to reflect in his works the chromatics and deformed faces which have been described as Spanish Pop. Positive brushstrokes define the bullfighters’ hard faces expressing the fear, joy and expectation of those who have to confront the bull.

Coupled with the expertise of his technical-acrylic paint style on canvas, the frames too contribute to the meaning of his works, representing the surrounds of the bullring, thus introducing the viewer to the Burladero, the stands and the magic of a national festive event.


Some known personalities were seen amongst the guests, in particular Carmela Martinez, representing the Delegación de Cultura de Ayuntamiento de Marbella, Carlos De Salamanca and other artists like Mugge Fisher and Ose del Sol.

The exhibition is open to visitors every day until the 19th May, from 7pm.

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