Sunday, 20th June 2021

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Directories, just a word of advice.

Directories, just a word of advice.

Before you waste your money taking up adverts in telephone directories

I am sure that after a short while on the Costa you begin to realize that not everything works as it does elsewhere. Take the Costa del Sol Yellow Pages directory for instance. You will soon discover that, although it may work in some isolated cases, most of the time you cannot really find what you are looking for.

There are two reasons for this. One is that you must pay to be included, even for just your name and telephone number, and most businesses resent paying for lineage which should be free, the other is that by the time the book is published and distributed, a lot of the companies have either moved, closed down or changed their phone number.



Because of this, it has been assumed that that the Costa has a niche for decent annual directories, and we have had them of all colours. None of them really worked and mainly for the same reasons. Even if you do create a directory with free lineage, by the time it is printed, it is out of date with a year of service in front of it before the next edition comes out.

Yes, you have guessed it! That will be out of date too, especially during these days when we are experiencing a large turnover of companies opening and closing down. The result is that users get fed up with annual directory books very quickly and quite simply do not use them.

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