Sunday, 20th June 2021

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We want more!

We want more!

It would seem that the popularity of our magazine knows no boundaries, no matter how many we distribute, they all seem to vanish almost overnight.

As a result of the popularity of the Web Express Guide printed magazine, we have decided to resolve the problem by producing an additional online version in PDF, identical to the printed magazine. Of course if so desired, not only can it be downloaded on individual PCs but it can also be printed, provided it is done for personal and not commercial use.

This will be of greater benefit to readers who prefer to see the contents in a magazine form and also to advertisers who will now have the added benefit of being seen exactly as they appear in print in addition to the banners and other form of Internet promotion they have subscribed to.

And… we keep doing what we always do, that is to provide constant improvements, something that we have always been doing since day one.


Cooperation between the British Consulate and Andalucia

The Malaga’s Junta de Andalucia delegate, José Louis Marcos and the British Ambassador, Denise Holt, have met and agreed to a collaboration between the two entities for the benefit of the British colony that visits and resides in Andalucia and ensure that they are informed of their legal rights and obligations. The idea is to convey and explain the judicial workings of the local community and the country as a whole with emphasis on certain questions that are of particular interest, such as the purchase of properties and renting accommodation.

Holt and Marcos got together with a view to analysing the situation with regards toi the British colony in the Málaga province, especially the Costa del Sol, and tackle questions and ideas that affect it – education, health services, language, communication…

Denise Holt stated that she was convinced that her co-nationals continue having a special interest in Andalucia as a holiday location and also as a long term place to go and live in. She concluded saying that the meeting was a great success and pointed out that the visits she is making throughout the region is giving her a better opportunity to understand the economic and political daily life of the community.

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