Monday, 25th May 2020

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Here comes summer!

Here comes summer!

We still have the odd chilly night, but thereÂ’s no escaping the fact that summer is just about with us.

It’s a favorite hobby of the British to talk about the weather and already I have heard a few complaining that its too hot! Still, bless them, where would we be without our traditional “eccentric Ex-pats”?

The world cup starts its month long tournament in July. Germany is already gearing itself for the huge amount of people visiting their country that a major world sporting event attracts. LetÂ’s hope that all the visiting fans behave as their respective countries would wish them to.


We had some great feedback and response from last months edition; as always, please keep your comments coming in. So finally, wherever you are from, good luck to you in the world cup and enjoy the sunshine.


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