Sunday, 20th June 2021

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This month the Prickly Pair explain the mysteries of the unknown.

If I go to a bread shop and hand over my money for a loaf of bread, I get a loaf of bread. Likewise, if I pay for a coffee I get a coffee.
However, if you go to a so called medium and pay your money you get somebody telling you they have a message for you from a long dead family member. Where do these people crawl out from?

There must be an advert somewhere that goes something like: - `Recession, no money, no skills, no office. Well this is your lucky day! All you need is a mobile phone and you could become a medium, healer, dog/cat/horse etc. whisperer, life coach, and more such like`. Everywhere you look lately there are cards stuck up in bars and shops selling this type of services.

I have met a few in the past, you know, the ones that talk cr** about bad vibes or karma and negative energy. I have also noticed that it is normally these people that bring out these feelings. Well, they do in me anyway. I call these feelings anger and amusement in the same measures. Anger that they believe people are so gullible and amusement in that these people are normally lonely, sad outcasts.

What makes them believe that anybody from the other side would go to the trouble to contact them when nobody in this life wants to? In the old days we called it imaginary friends, which we normally grew out of when we got real friends. Oh, and a life!

What about the so called pet whisperers, or whatever they call themselves? It’s not as if a dog can turn around and call you a liar, is it?

So, first these charlatans talk to dead people that nobody else can hear, then they can help your pet that can’t talk, then others can heal with their hands (no medical knowledge required).


As a joke, my sister and I once phoned a pet healer. He came out with some cr** about my dog missing somebody after only hearing some whining down the phone. I did not have the heart to tell him I never had a dog and that it was me mimicking a distressed dog. Hey ho! The things we do out of boredom!

Still they are not as bad as the Feng Shui merchants. These are like mediums but posher, or so they think.

But, for me, the strangest bunch is life coaches. Their life is normally cr**, with various divorces and no rent money or friends, yet they say they are going to sort out your life? Not!

Still, if you are convinced of the existence of invisible powers, and so seems the person giving you these invisible services, you know what to do. Pay with invisible money, so they can put it in their invisible account to pay their invisible bills. I bet they won’t like that.

Till next time, see you in the future, and if I don’t, I shall say I did.

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