Sunday, 20th June 2021

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After Brexit

After Brexit

What’s to come after Brexit is still to be discovered by those who voted for it.

According to a survey carried out by the FT the areaseconomically worst hit by the corona virus, are mostly theareas that voted in favour of Brexit.

According to a survey carried out by the FT the areas economically worst hit by the corona virus, are mostly the areas that voted in favour of Brexit.

One thing is certain, no truth was ever written on that bus and the whole process to date from that day onwards is an accumulation of lies, false promises followed by the inability to run a government efficiently.

I think that the price for backing Brexit will really start to hit home when British nationals realise what the “New Rules” for travelling mean when they take effect. This  ill become not just obvious but also felt when they start planning for their annual “sacred” holiday abroad.

Have a taste of it for yourself and visit the official government website uk/transition and see what you have to do after the transition period ending  1st December this year, and read between the lines.

The first problem to overcome will be your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which will be no longer valid anywhere in the EU. Instead you will need to rely on  our own private health insurance which may or may not be valid abroad or your travel insurance which, in the majority of cases will not allow pre-existing health  conditions. Failing this be prepared with a hefty sum of emergency cash in your pocket.

Having got your new “Blue” passport (made in Poland), you start to realise that you can no longer travel freely into Europe or within Europe. The EU border control may  well be your first bucket of cold water poured over your head.

What the full extent of the control might be is yet not known but you will almost certainly be asked to produce a return ticked and proof that you have enough money  with you to pay for your stay.

If you plan to take your pet with you, the present pet passport will no longer be valid. You will instead have the need to follow the process to get the right papers which  an take four months to do. And, you may also need an acceptable international driving licence and appropriate car insurance if you are planning to drive in the EU.

Forget free roaming in the EU with your mobile, EU law can no longer force UK mobile providers to allow you to use your UK minutes abroad. Your cost of a call back  home will be another of those higher costs you could avoid before.

And what about UK custom duty? Will you still be able to bring your free booze & tobacco with you? At what cost?


That is the obvious just to cross the Channel, less obvious is the fact that UK citizens will no longer have the right to live or work in the EU. Any imports and exports to  and from the EU will require an enormous amount of paper work just like importing or exporting to and from those wonderful non EU, distant countries that the British  government is trying to make deals with.

Enjoy you stay in the EU while you can but please have some respect for the present anti-corona virus measures of safety imposed by the individual EU countries. It is not your personal freedom of choice that is being denied, wearing the masks in the protection of the country’s residents from the virus that you may be carrying with you from the UK, where it is far from under control especially when your own government officials make the law and flaunt it in public.

Having considered the large number of visitors to Spain, not just from the UK, who continue ignoring the fact that they MUST wear masks at all times, except under  certain circumstances, the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, has asked the Andalucian Parliament to introduce PCR testing for tourists arriving at the Costa del  Sol.   it is hoped that this will reduce the number of imported cases. We have gone through months of hardships and too much of a loss of lives, we certainly do not want  to go through it again, specially if it brought in from the outside.

On the other hand, you can always join the large number of ex-patriates living in Spain, which makes all British nationals welcome to stay, live here and work as  residents. All you need to do is to register as a resident provided you do so before Brexit.

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