Sunday, 7th June 2020

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It will be a hard BREXIT for UK visitors to the EU

It will be a hard BREXIT for UK visitors to the EU

Although there are no changes to the present rules until the end of 2020, the British Government has already announced that new restrictions and red tape will apply to holidaymakers and business travellers to the European Union, once the transition period expires.

With regards to dog, cats and ferrets with a valid passport, so far there has  been no change mentioned however it all depends on possible restrictions imposed by the  EU. The worst scenario is that the UK is given an unlisted status and owners will need to discuss their specific preparations and requirements with an Official  Veterinarian at least four months prior to travelling.



Motorists will need a “green card”, certificate extending their travel insurance to Europe. It may take a month to get one.

Duty Free Restrictions will apply as with any  other non EU country.

UK Passports should have a validity of  almost 15 months before travelling

Free Roaming Charges will cease

It is unclear what he position will be  ith  regards to the present European Health Insurance Card scheme. Private health insurance will most probably be required before travel

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