Sunday, 20th June 2021

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Still looking for the ideal partner?

Still looking for the ideal partner?

Exploring new territories

If you decide to explore new territories, it isimportant to know where singles choose to meet like-minded people and Italy is a place full of singles and full of desire to  love. Quite the contrary of any stigma hanged on Italians.

Traditionally this is the time when most people decide when and where to book their summer holyday, you  could travel to extend your search. Italy is a country where 30% of the baby boomers have spent the best summer of their lives and, after Paris, Rome is the second  destination chosen by singles to spend the holidays.

According to a survey carried out by “Ourtime”, these are locations where 92% of those surveyed can transform a  summer romance into a lasting relationship. If the intention is clearly to find a partner, Stockholm, Berlin and London are the least indicated places because they are  the ones that least convince single people to travel in summer.



The most likely way to meet people with the same frame of mind is to book and join an organised tour  and find a beach as the best place to achieve your goal, although it would seem that the most practical way is to book a vacation for singles or single parents.

But, no destination is a guarantee of a life long lasting relationship, according to the same survey, 61% of baby boomers said their summer loves lasted less than six months while 38% said they have lasted longer and even for a lifetime.

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