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Letís start with your garden Spring Checklist

Let’s start with your garden Spring Checklist

We are very pleased to introduce the Agave Garden Company who have undertaken to provide the useful information that we all need in order to create and maintain our ideal dream garden.

The Agave Garden Company was established in 2004. It is a family run business based in San Pedro de Alc√°ntara. Realising that their love for gardening was far better suited to our temperate Costa del Sol climate the young family made the move to Spain.

Charlie supervises all of the gardens that theye take care of. His many years of experience include working at Kew Gardens and the Chelsea Flower Show.  Natalie, an experienced project manager, takes care of all of the day to day running of the business and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

They fully understand how important your garden is to you, therefore they treat each garden individually and believe that good communication with their clients is the key to a successful service. Their staff are carefully selected and fully trained to ensure consistent high standards.

Agave’s Spring Tips
Spring has sprung and after the ¬Ďcold¬í (by any Costa dwellers standards) months, our gardens are starting to come to life once again. We all want gardens bursting with colour and lush green lawns, here are some of our tips to get your garden moving in the right direction. Now is the ideal time to put in the prep work to provide your garden with the nourishment it needs to come springing back to life over the next few months.


Maintenance of flowerbeds
Adding organic matter to beds is a must for a truly healthy garden; these nourish the soil and in turn your plants by adding essential nutrients. The action of digging in your compost or new soil will also aerate your beds allowing better drainage and giving your plants the chance to take in more oxygen and water.


Grama grass needs to be top dressed. The first step is to cut the grass very short, then cover evenly with a good mixture of soil and sand this will improve and nourish the grass roots. Filling up uneven areas with this mixture should even out any lumps and bumps that have developed in the lawn.

Over time your soil is compacted. Aerating your lawn with a spiked roller or a garden fork allows grass roots to take in more water and oxygen through the roots.

Now is a good time to check your irrigation. The system needs to be run checking that all the stations work, the water pressure is good and that there are no leaks or broken heads. This could save loss of plants as the weather heats up and unnecessary waste of water.

Get the blighters now before they deep root! Spring is a good time for hand weeding and spot treating of weeds in lawns and beds with selective poison.


Spring Colour
Why not brighten up your pots and borders with some of the beautiful spring bedding plants now available¬Ö When adding new plants, give them the best, start possible by mixing compost or slow-release fertilizer into the soil at planting time and then watering thoroughly.


They're easy to grow and flower in shade all season. Too much sun will stunt their growth, they will inject vibrant color into those difficult shady areas of the landscape.


Ice Plant

Is a very easily grown and tolerant plant, it succeeds in most soils, but prefers a fertile well drained soil in a sunny position. Established plants are drought tolerant. They are a vibrant flowering succulent.


Osteospermum ¬Ė Cape Daisies

Must be planted in a sunny position. They also prefer a well drained soil. Do not allow the plants to dry out completely, especially in the first two weeks after planting when the roots are trying to establish themselves.

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