Sunday, 20th June 2021

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All little girls want to be ballerinas!

All little girls want to be ballerinas!

All little girls want to be ballerinas, prancing on their tippy toes, twirling with the arms raised prettily above their heads, whilst wearing a pink tutu and a sparkling crown.


The admiring audience of parents and envious friends follow their every move, cheering and supporting. At the School of
Russian Ballet, we can make these dreams come true, and little girls’ dreams need to come true, if only to help us raise healthy, strong and successful women.

The youngest of our students are 3 years old. They get to dress up in their favourite tutus, play games, and learn to listen to the pretty music, exercise their fingers and toes, bang on tambourines to their hearts’ content and admire themselves in the huge ballet mirrors.

After the long day at a preschool, they often arrive tired and moody, but they leave with the widest smiles and colourful stickers to celebrate their effort and success.

Maria Isakova, the teacher responsible for these happy transformations, specializes in working with young children. She holds
two dance degrees, in dance education and choreography. She has attended numerous seminars on child psychology, music and dance educations, pedagogy and methodology. And, with over twenty years of experience in this field, she makes a welcome change from the usual practice in many dance schools of delegating entertaining the youngest students to an inexperienced teenager.

Madam Isakova is a real teacher. What a pleasure it is to watch the transformation of our little ballerinas when they learn to 
govern their flailing limbs, when they discover the joys of following a musical rhythm, when they acquire the habits of discipline and hard work, and of course, when they live their ballet dreams!

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