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The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Now called the International Award

The International Award is only one of the many awards that can be undertaken at Mayfair International Academy.  Launched in the United Kingdom in 1956 as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, this has now spread to 126 countries with hundreds of thousands of young people enjoying this challenging and rewarding program of personal development.

The International Award is a personal challenge and not a competition against others.  Each participant’s program is tailor made to reflect the individual’s starting point, abilities and interests.  Young people make a free choice to enter the program and commit their own time to undertake the activities. 

Daniel Tomlinson is a Sixth Form student at the Academy who has recently completed his Bronze Award and is now working towards the Silver.  Here below he explains why he decided to undertake the International Award, which demands persistence and commitment and cannot be completed in just a short burst of enthusiasm.



Q.  Had you heard of the International Award before coming to Mayfair International Academy?

A.  Yes, one of my friends from England had successfully completed her Gold Award and, when I heard that the Award was possible here, at Mayfair Academy, I jumped at the chance.

Q.  Which of the four elements did you enjoy the most?

A.  Although I enjoyed all four elements, due to my sporty background and the fact that I am attending a Sports Academy, I have to admit I did enjoy the sports element the most.

Q.  What was the most rewarding part of the International Award?

A.  Without doubt, the most rewarding part for me was working with the animals at the kennels in Estepona.  I am just glad that I only worked there once a week, otherwise I would probably have taken twenty or thirty dogs home with me!

Q.  How do you think this award will help you in the future?

A.  Hopefully, prospective employers will see that I am responsible, reliable and that I can work as part of a team and deserve a better press than some teenagers my age get and  this will, therefore improve my job prospects.

Q.  Would you recommend the Award to friends and, if so, why?

A.  Yes, I would recommend the Award because it gave me a sense of independence and the chance to meet other teenagers, who have the same interests, from all over the world.

Q.  You mentioned working at the kennels.  Why do you think young people should help the community?

A.  As I mentioned before, young people do sometimes get a bad press but you cannot tar everyone with the same brush and I think that the community’s views on young people would change if more young people undertook the award.

Q.  Are you planning to achieve a higher award?

A.  Of course.  Having enjoyed completing my Bronze, I am already heading towards my Silver with views of completing my Gold next year.  The opportunity to travel the world in order to complete my adventurous journey for my Gold is one reason why I want to continue.

Dan is currently studying on the Sports Curriculum at Mayfair International Academy and, as well as the International Bronze Award, he has, so far, also achieved the following:

NVQ Level One – Assistant Gym Instructor
NVQ Level One – Assistant Circuit Instructor
Heartstart First Aid Certificate
BAWLA (British Amateur Weightlifters Award)
NVQ Level 2 – Gym Instructor

Dan is now on course towards the NVQ Level 2 – Exercise to Music Instructor qualification and, during the course of this academic year, he will also undertake the following:

NVQ Level 2 – Spinning Instructor
NVQ Level 2 – Bodypump Instructor
NVQ Level 2 – Step Aerobics Instructor
NVQ Level 2 – Circuit Instructor
BAWLA Level 2 – Weights Instructor Award

In his final year at Mayfair International Academy, Dan will be working towards his NVQ Level 3 – Advanced Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer.  With these qualifications, which are recognized worldwide, his GCSE subjects including PE and his International Awards, Dan will have greatly increased his employment opportunities as many employers regard the Award as an extra qualification, or he may even decide to enter university to continue his studies.

Of course, students at Mayfair International Academy can also opt to study on the regular curriculum towards IGCSE and A Level qualifications.

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