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Protect your digital image and e-reputation

Protect your digital image and e-reputation

Some of the most annoying and even worrying aspects of the web these days relate to denigration, defamation, trolling, identity theft, publication of stolen images and so on

This is a matter of great concern for public figures, reputable companies, V.I.P.s, this is why it now forms part of their security priorities.

Rock Cociergerie is well aware of this essential need and have joined forces with Stéphane Alaux, a well-known specialist in the management of the digital image and E-reputation of the famous names of this world, with the object to offer the benefit of this specialised service to all their clients.

The following list of services may now be included

  • Management and control of your public image on the web. Real-time monitoring of the web regarding your name, your children, your company.
  • National & international digital crisis management & resolution (Before, During, After)
  • Creation of a Task Force of experts in two hours (communicators, lawyers).
  • Communication strategy. Management of media and press releases, TV Coaching …
  • Crisis prevention. Strengthen the authority of your web presence
  • Digital Bodyguard. · A project manager follows you 24/7: surveillance, control, prevention, response.

To strengthen the posture both Corinne Lewin at Rock Conciergerie in Monaco and Stéphane Alaux at VIP Only in Paris have joined forces to provide the best possible reputation protection to Monaco residents.


It is a well-known fact that The “Rock” and its inhabitants attract the above described problems either because of greed or jealousy and they need a range of high-end services to manage their image on the web.

VIP Only have been the E-Reputation agency for VIPs and premium brands for the last century.(




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