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Julian Galan is the winner of the 2nd stage of the Marbella Classic Poker 770

Julian Galan is the winner of the 2nd stage of the Marbella Classic Poker 770

A prize of €20,180 and 245 points towards the general classification of the league which entitles to Ten days at the Las Vegas Poker World Series

It was one thirty in the morning when the all in resulting in the winner of the 2nd Stage was produced.

César Ordóñez showed a four and a six of Diamonds whereas Julián Galán lifted a seven of Spades and Ace of Hearts that resulted in his victory in as much as the “flop” was showing a Seven of Hearts.

The man from Badajoz, who premiered at the Marbella Poker Classic 770 League, challenged the 86 players who started to play this Stage on the Friday and took the largest share of a prize pool that exceeded €60,000.

César Ordóñez, a well known poker player, held second place with a prize of €10,230. Nigel Goldman was third with €7,220.

Raúl González, a member of Poker Marbella Sex Team, was in fourth place with €5,420.


The fifth place was for José Antonio Alcántara with €4,210 while Fisnik Geci, with €3,610 came up sixth.

Jeppe Bech Sorensen, who attended this last and definitive day as chip leader, was held to the seventh position with €3,010.

The number of players who sat at 5pm for the Grand Finale was 14 and they included well known players the likes of Sergio Ríos “PatxiPot”, winner of the previous stage, Ricard Bozicevich “Conejoloko”, Víctor Mendicuti “Mendi”, Gerard Rodríguez “GerardX” y Raúl “El Toro” Paez.

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