Sunday, 20th June 2021

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Working from Home

Working from Home

Making money from home is the dream of many and the new technologies make it possible.

More and more companies are now looking for self employed people in order to outsource most of the admin work.

Working from home as an autonomo allows you to be your own boss, having a timetable that suits you and spend more time with your family while enjoying a greater social life.

What type of work can now be done from home?
Just simply use your imagination: translators, editors, blog writers, teachers, sale persons...
Find here below a list of the most demanded types of work. Hopefully it gives you some idea if you are thinking to work from home.

Web Developer. With the fast development and expansion of the Internet, who does’nt need a website?. Many are the businesses that require self employed developers anddesigners. You will need a high level of dedication and your own appealing website with a portfolio to show. It takes some time to build but it is thrilling to be part of the Internet revolution.

Direct Salesperson. On the internet there are many job offers for freelance sale persons and telemarketing people.

Online Teacher. Some companies look for online teachers. They provide the clients and, in many cases, the teaching platform. You can teach English in China or Russian in Spain or any any other country. Qualifications are relatively easy to obtain. Search for TEFL.



Content manager. If you enjoy writing and have an area of expertise this might be your opportunity to work from home. It is
important to be able to produce high quality text with original content.

Editor. Other option to work from home is proof-reading or translating text written by others.

Social Media Manager. As the number of social platform increases, companies need experts that keep posting their content, selling their services and divert users to FAQ Precautions when looking for moneymaking opportunities online.

Pay attention to these commonsense tips:

1. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
2. Don’t give your contact information easily.
3. Research a bit. See if others have put a complaint online.
4. Do not pay membership fees to obtain additional information

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