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‘I, Don Giovanni’ to open Malaga Festival

‘I, Don Giovanni’ to open Malaga Festival

The annual Malaga film festival is gaining more international recognition each year.

Produced by Andres Vicente Gomez, the film stars Lorenzo Balducci, Llino Guanciale and Tobias Moretti in an historic drama set in Vienna and focused on Mozart and librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, a priest exiled from Venice for lascivious behaviour, as they work together on the “Don Giovanni” opera.

Saura’s film, which ran in Toronto last year, will run out of competition at the festival in Malaga (April 17 th to 24 th).

Names like Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz have become quite well known in the international world of movies, therefore it makes sense that the Spanish film industry is also beginning to make its mark internationally. As a matter of fact there has been a London Spanish Film Festival since 2005 (, and more new Spanish actors’ names begin to be noticed while directors such as Ramón Salazar and Pedro Almodóvar are already well known.

The object of the Malaga Spanish Film Festival is to promote the Spanish film industry and its different sectors. The festival is a yearly event since 1998 and it features films, documentaries shorts and videos. All competing for the various awards on offer.

Luis Buñuel was the first Spanish film maker to achieve universal recognition, followed by Pedro Almodóvar in the 1980s. In recent years, Spanish cinema has achieved high marks of recognition as a result of its creative and technical excellence with films by directors like Segundo de Chomón, Floriån Rey, Luis García Berlanga, Carlos Saura, Julio Medem and Alejandro Amenåbar.

The Spanish actors Penélope Cruz , Fernando Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem and Fernando Fernån Gómez have obtained world recognition and many international awards including the Oscars.

Another aspect of Spanish cinema, mostly unknown to the general public, is the appearance of English-language Spanish films such as The Machinist (starring Christian Bale), The Others (starring Nicole Kidman), Basic Iinstinct 2 (starring Sharon Stone), and Milos Forman’s Goya’s Ghosts (starring Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman). All of these films were made by Spanish producers.


Only 10 to 20% of box office receipts in Spain are generated by domestic films, therefore the Spanish government has implemented various measures aimed at supporting local film production and movie theatres, including the guarantee of funding from the main national television stations. The trend is improving with the recent screening of productions such as the €30 million film “Alatriste” (starring Vigo Mortensen), the Academy Award winning Spanish/Mexican film “Pan’s Labyrinth” (El Laberinto del Fauno), “Volver” (starring PenĂ©lope Cruz), and “Los Borgia” (€10 million), all of them sold-out as blockbusters in Spain.

This year the “Festival de Malaga” is featuring a hefty dose of directorial debuts mixed with veteran directors:

Manuel Gutierrez-Aragon’s controversial “Todos estamos invitados” about an ETA terrorist suffering from amnesia will open the official competition. Other hot titles in competition include Javier Gutierrez’s sci-fi thriller “3 Dias - Before the Fall” produced by Antonio Banderas’ Green Moon Productions and the directorial debut of the 81-year-old, accomplished literary and theatrical veteran Jaime de Arminan “14 , Fabian Road” focusing on a complex relationship between a writer and one of her admirers. Some 14 feature films will compete this year and six will get their world premiere.

The ZonaZine section is a platform for the more alternative and risky forms of film. It will encompass six feature films, along with 25 shorts and 27 video clips, while the documentary section hosts 18 titles in competition for the 12,000-euro top documentary prize.

WHERE TO SEE THE FILMS: The main festival screenings take place at the Teatro Cervantes - C/ Ramos MarĂ­n S/N. The public screening takes place in the following venues in and around Malaga town: CINES ALBËNIZ 1/2/3 - C/ Alcazabilla 4, ALAMEDA C/ CĂłrdoba, 9 AUDITORIO MUSEO PICASSO MÁLAGA, TURISMO ANDALUZ, SALA UMA, SALÓN ROSSINI and many cinemas around Malaga. For details see program on 

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