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Do you know your “SUSHIS”?

Do you know your “SUSHIS”?

There is a difference between sushi and sashimi. Sushi, meaning “seasoned rice,” sashimi means “sliced raw fish”.

There are many sushi imitations in the market these days, make sure you try the true Japanese sushi, which comes in many forms and can be eaten with chopsticks or
the hands, and is usually found in three basic forms.

Maki-sushi, rolls of sushi usually  involving fish, rice, and seaweed. A regular roll has seaweed in the outside, the middle layer is rice, and the innermost layer is fish and/or vegetables.

Nigiri-sushi is the most familiar to sushieaters. It consists of a piece of fish resting on top of a block of rice. The fish is usually raw, and sometimes a strip of seaweed is  used to hold the fish and rice together.

Gunkan-sushi is a little more exotic. It tends to use unusual types of sea life, such as urchins or fish eggs. The seafood is wrapped in seaweed and shaped like a boat,  and usually rests on a little pile of rice.



Novice sushi eaters should sit at the bar, where they can watch the food being prepared by the sushi chef. Do remember that the use of chopsticks involves certain etiquette. Do not drum, flip, or share food with them. If you must pass a piece of sushi from one plate to another, use the opposite ends of the chopsticks that have not
touched your mouth.

You may dip the sushi in the soy sauce provided but do not dilute into it too much wasabi (kind of green horse radish). The thin slices of ginger are used to cleanse the
palate between different types of sushi.

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