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The WXPG food review – MIEL

The WXPG food review – MIEL

Miel, Sabinillas – Winter Opening Hours: from 9:00 am kitchen closes at 19:30 pm every day, except closed on Wednesdays.

The food reviews are not advertisements. We pay for the meal then we comment and give points as honestly as we can for the benefit of readers. The points relate to quality and price according to the standard of the restaurant.  We try to avoid bad reports so we visit only restaurants which we believe are worth reporting on.

*Key: Price: L/M - Dress Code: SC

*FBA = First Bite Appeal
*Price Code (excl. drinks):
L = 15 - 30 Euros
M = 30 - 60 Euros
H = 50 – 100+ Euros
*Dress Code:
CC = Casual Comfortable
SC = Smart Casual
F = Formal

We already know that Miel have made an excellent reputation as a coffee/tea shop with their exquisite cakes and hand made chocolate. What perhaps is not widely known is that they have introduced a full menu which is available from 9 am until the kitchen closes at 7.30 pm. The availability of continuous good food of your choice from 9am until dusk is certainly a novelty and very useful especially during those hours, so we decided to try and see of the food is as good as the patisserie.   

The Staff
The waiters and waitresses have always been very attentive and professional at Miel and we found the service pretty good, even though when we got there at 2pm it was a full house and there was hardly just one small table available inside.  All the same we were attended with courtesy and efficiently. 

It was a very miserable and very windy day, the type of weather that puts you off going out in the first place, but once inside the restaurants we felt pretty much at home with the rest of the diners and found the ambience quite welcoming and homely. It was actually an experience to look out and observe a pretty angry, grey sea which made us feel even cosier inside. I would imagine that during more pleasant weather, when can also sit outside, the mood would be quite different.

The Menus
It is a very impressing menu starting with a choice of breakfasts and moving on to an impressive choice of light snacks like paninis, sandwiches and salads and continuing to a service a la carte which comprised the expected starters, pasta, salads, fish, meat and of course the dessert. As you would expect from a patisserie of this nature, that was definitely the “piece de resistance”. It was nice to see a choice of vegetarian dishes as well as a children menu.    

Wine List
The choice of drinks is comprehensive. I rather liked the idea of showing a list of aperitifs, which many restaurants tend to omit. Though the wine available is House Red, White or Rosé, there is a good choice of Belgian Beers as well as the other beers. Of course you can always opt for some true Champagne like  “Laurent Perrier Rosé” or “Veuve Cliquot”.   


While choosing the meal and waiting to be served, we found the availability of small tapas to go with the aperitifs a very useful choice, especially as we were literally starving. The mozzarella sticks in breadcrumbs and the olives did the job splendidly.


Prawns “Miel”
Served in a creamy tomato sauce. FBA – Certainly not the strong, red tomato sauce I expected, it was a light coloured sauce and very creamy. I can only describe this as a type of béchamel and tomato in which the prawns had been cooked with the added taste of parsley. Absolutely delicious, leaving the palate to relish in a lingering taste. I could not leave the sauce alone, even after I had enjoyed every single prawn.
Team Score – 10/10

Cheese Croquette
Deep fried mozzarella cheese in breadcrumbs. FBA – This was served with a small salad comprising lettuce, cabbage, carrots and corn with a side salad cream. I rather liked this and the fact that the mozzarella was placed on a bed of other grated cheese to add taste to it.
Team Score – 9/10

Main Course

Grilled Beef Entrecote Steak
I chose it just plain with side mustard, though I had of choice of different sauces like Béarnaise, Mushrooms, pepper, etc. FBA – There was no mistake, the steak was the whole of the 250 grs stated on the menu. The chef certainly knows his job, it was nice and moist with its own juices, not the dry piece of meat I thought I might get. Really nice! This came with a side salad. I rather liked the idea of chips served in a cup glass; I could put some vinegar on them, which I like without spoiling the rest of the meal.
Team Score – 9/10

Pork Fillet in mushroom sauce.
A very full plate, I must say. FBA – Make no mistake, this was really, really nice, the sauce that accompanied it was rich and the mushrooms were very obvious. Again it was served with chips with came in their separate glass. Tasted fabulous, very creamy and warming and the meat was perfectly cooked.
Team Score – 10/10


I already know those delicious cakes that Miel tempt us with, but this time I wanted to try something different and I went for the Belgian chocolate sauce pancake with ice cream. FBA – Do you really need to know? Fabulous is the word and certainly not what my dietician recommended. But what the hell IÂ’ll have it again next time.  
Team Score – 10/10

Belgian Chocolate Fondue
Served with fresh fruit, cake, marshmallow…. FBA – Wow! Get the idea? I rather liked the freshness of the fruit dipped in warm chocolate, but that is not to say that I thought any less of the other bits. It is an experience that must be tried I guarantee you will like it and go back for more.
Team Score – 10/10

I think it is an excellent idea to have a place right on the Sea Front serving food all day long. It is a concept that can spoil the client as there is no pressure put on the client to stick to certain times. The view is fantastic, the food is very good, the service is excellent, and whatÂ’s more the prices are moderate. One thing is certain you will never run out of mouth watering desserts in a first rate patisserie. ThatÂ’s for sure! No wonder it was the only restaurant in Sabinillas with hardly any room to spare at lunch time. 

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