Sunday, 20th June 2021

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What is the secret of a good Argentinian restaurant? The answer is simple: a “Real” good, old steak from real Argentina cooked the Argentine way.

Argentina’s cattle are naturally raised on the vast pampas, no artificial food, no cattle factories, just plain ordinary herds of cattle looked after by Gauchos. Argentina has the largest consumption of beef per capita in the world; it follows that it is the most sought after beef for its quality as well as the country style way of cooking it on a charcoal or wood fire grill.

Over the last 2 to 3 years, we have seen a number of Argentinian restaurants spring up on the Costa del Sol, this is mainly because of the greater influx of immigrants from Argentina trying to cash in on their country’s reputation for beef. 

Unfortunately, food safety or quality labels are rarely used in Argentina and although major development has been called for on this issue, the chances are that you can’t tell if most Argentinian restaurants simply serve beef bought at the local supermarket; we know of some that actually do just that.

The Argentine Angus Association established a Carne Angus Certificado to ensure that only meat coming from an Angus is entitled to be sold as Angus meat, and this is exactly the meat that is specially imported by Gauchos in Gibraltar.

Gauchos is set inside the city walls by the Waterport Roundabout, therefore the décor is rustic and it gives the feeling one is entering a cave or a large wine cellar, which matches the Gauchos’ theme rather well. There is ample sitting accommodation and one has the choice of sitting near the big charcoal grill and see what the cook does, or select a more tucked away corner, opposite the bar, however it is strongly recommended that you do book because the restaurant’s fame has started to reach far and beyond.


There are seven types of steaks on offer, excluding the 100% pure beef Gaucho hamburger that is unlike anything you have tried. You can tell it is Argentinian beef after the first bite, the taste is superb and unlike the beef we are used to.
Of course, this is just to outline the most relevant reason for visiting an Argentinian restaurant, it goes without saying that the meat is supported by a full menu offering starters, sauces and chimichurris, main courses and desserts, but be careful, see the size of those stakes before you commit yourself. Are they big? Judge for yourself and see.

Should you happen to be a vegetarian with a partner that loves meat, have no worries, there is even a meat free menu.
The best part of the deal is that it is not expensive, as a matter of fact the restaurant it is quite reasonably priced for what it is and even cheaper that most doubtful Argentinian restaurants on the Costa.

It is one of the few restaurants I make a special regular trip for. Why not accept the management’s invitation to a glass of wine and the next time you go to Gib drop in and look for yourself, but please do use the voucher enclosed with the Gaucho’s advert. (no purchase required).

You are invited you to a glass of wine at Gauchos. Just drop to and see the restaurant no purchase is required, just mention Web Express Guide. 

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