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Buena Pascua!

Buena Pascua!

Of all of the Catholic traditions which are celebrated in Spain throughout the year, none is more important than Easter Week, Semana Santa (Holy Week).

The week begins with Palm Sunday (el Domingo de Ramos), and ends on Easter Sunday (la Pascua de Resurrección).

In most of the Spanish-speaking world, Easter rivals and even surpasses Christmas as a time for celebration.

The week marks the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem followed by his death and resurrection. The streets become the stage for religious fervour and devotion in memory of Christ’s death. Music, art and colour come together in magical processions in which crowds of people accompany religious images on their route through the towns.

These images are made of gold and silver and fine fabrics, they are true pieces of art, some quite old. It can take forty or fifty men to hold each “trono” on their shoulders to parade through town for a few hours, always at night.


While every city, town and village has its own traditions, some of the most famous Holy Week events take place in Valencia, Cuenca, Valladolid, Murcia, Zamora, Ma1aga, Cordoba and Seville. Seville is known as the “cradle” of these processions and is by far the most spectacular example of Holy Week in Spain.

But it is not just the religious aspect that is of important significance; La Semana Santa also marks the beginning of Spring, fresh life, new crops, new hopes, particularly so in Andalucia. At last winter is over and the long awaited summer and its fiestas now can begin. 

Semana Santa in Sevilla is an experience that one will never forget; eight days pass with almost no sleep. A city of over a million people unite with their past to reaffirm their present.  The mixture of orange trees bloom smell and incense in the air, the melted wax caked on the streets and the resounding beat of drum in the distance, are together the very reason that attracts so many visitors from all over the world.

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