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Introducing Master Cook Alexandre

Introducing Master Cook Alexandre

As presented in “the guide” the mastercooks of belgium 2018


"En Espagne, aujourd’hui dans mon restaurant, ma cuisine est toujours influencée par la richesse du patrimoine culinaire belge comme par les tendances internationales modernes.
J’aime aussi explorer les divers arômes naturels des ingrédients et leurs multiples gammes de textures."

"In my restaurant in Spain, my dishes are always influenced by the riches of the Belgian culinary heritage and modern international friends. I also love to explore the carious natural aromas and textures of ingredients."


Although Alexandre’s eclectic cooking style is rooted in Belgium’s rich culinary heritage he is entirely selftaught and practicing his art for the last 15 years in Marbella. He is driven by the passion to share Belgium’s fine culinary heritage served with contemporary flare.

After setting up the kitchens of Casamono and Casanis, he founded the bistro Macaao in 2013 and having made a success of the beachfront enterprise he subsequently decided to start his own restaurant.

He wants his customers to enjoy modern Belgian cuisine topped with impeccable service, in a cool, modern setting and relaxing environment.

Upholding excellence is his number one « raison d’être », and to prove his point he offers a tasting menu for clients to try and judge for themselves.

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