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Russian Ballet Association at Marbella Dance School

Russian Ballet Association at Marbella Dance School

Founded by Caterina Chisesi in 2007, the Marbella Dance School is the only Academy on the Costa del Sol permitted to examine and issue certificates based on the Vaganova Russian Ballet Method.

The Russian Ballet Association, represented on the Costa del Sol by the Marbella Dance School, and whose Patron is the famous Bella Ratchinskaia, is dedicated to the teachings
of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, the school of classical ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia, established in 1738 during the reign of Empress Anna.

Graduates of the academy include some of the most famous ballet dancers, choreographers and teachers in history and many of the world's leading ballet schools have adopted
the Vaganova Russian Ballet Method method into their own training.

The Marbella Dance School academic year starts in September to 30th of June each year and quite recently a number of students have been examined and have obtained their relevant certificates according to their grades. Classes are available at all levels, including professional and tuition can begin with children from age 2 Caterina, a professional ballet dancer herself since the age of 4, has made certain that the Marbella Dance School is now proven to be a great success with several teachers offering classes for both children from age 2 and adults at all levels, not just in Russian Ballet but also in Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Flamenco, Yoga and more.


The school’s students often publicly demonstrate their achievements in a theatrical performance at the Teatro Ciudad de Marbella and also at the Teatro Auditorio Felipe VI in
Estepona. Their most recent choreographic performance, as announced recently is to be shown at the Teatro Ciudad de Marbella. Entitled “IMPULSES” the students will take
the audience in a journey through dance. A journey intended to infuse the audience with feelings and emotions shared with the dancers.

It is a contemporary representation of the new sounds and styles that make up the broad spectrum of dance. A performance that should not be missed, not just for the parents and families to be proud of what our Costa del Sol children and adults are capable of, but also as a symbolic demonstration of art and culture that does exists.

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