Thursday, 22nd April 2021
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Art School Project Genesis - Prize giving

Art School Project Genesis - Prize giving

A school project financed and organised by Corinne Lewin of Atrium Gallery



A very successful event and presentation; the winners of the competitions received a trophy and a price, every participant child received a certificate and a golden medal with the colours of the Pricipality
of Monaco, Mrs. Lewin’s home country.

Although the event did not seem to be too warmly welcomed by the Laude San Pedro International College, it was where the first number of presentations was made.

The presentation at the Colegio Alboran was a very refreshing experience. We
found that the teachers as well as the students made all members of the ART
SCHOOL PROJECT GENESIS most welcome. Everyone seemed happy and
sincere with big smiles, which was most
encouraging and rewarding for Corinne
who is offeri8ng this special classes to all
schools. An invitation to luncheon with
the students in the refectory could not be
refused and what a pleasant experience it



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