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BY CORINNE LEWIN MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. As proven by a successful year in sales and several projects in progress, such as the Art School Project Genesis and Paint you school Project. Also launching SIGN the CD, leitmotif for all projects-.

by Ludovica C

One year after opening her gallery in Marbella, Corinne Lewin, a Monegasque entrepreneur, confirms that her decision to establish her art business on the Costa del Sol has definitely been the right one.

Although she travels extensively between Marbella and her home in Montecarlo where she resides, she has created a team of artists who are achieving success and fame thanks to Atrium’s communication strategy, the organizing of events, the partnerships with press representatives, the network of business people and art lovers and, last but not least, some philanthropic initiatives and projects as mentioned here below.

When describing Atrium Gallery Marbella ( , it is important to underline from the start that we are not just talking about an art gallery that sells attractive contemporary works by known authors from differenct countries and Spain, but also offering the return of vintage pieces of furniture by transforming them into unique and contemporary art works thanks to the brilliant artists in the team at the gallery itself.

As a matter of fact, Atrium is also a platform for new artists; for young motivated and creative people wishing to find their own fame in this difficult and competitive field. With belief and enthusiasm, supported by her professional experience as an art dealer in France and Monaco, Corinne Lewin analyses their works and ideology when they come to present them at the gallery, and, if they are prepared to collaborate with the gallery’s two main projects, they are then accepted: these are the “Artist at Home” and the “Art School Project. Genesis”.

Roberta Diazzi Artworks with Crystals from Swarovski


What are these two main initiatives that make Atrium so unique and special?
Sometimes a client likes an artist and his or her style, but would like to get a unique piece, created especially for his or her home or office. Atrium Gallery’s “Artist at Home” project makes this dream come true: client and artist can meet each other and the artist can then travel to any part of the world to meet the client personally at his home or building where together they will make an idea materialise into the perfect work of art for that specific place. This is what gives customers a unique experience and opportunity.

With the “Art School Project Genesis”, Corinne Lewin’s aim is to help children from the age of 5 to university age get closer to the world of art. People are often afraid to open the door of a gallery and enter, even if just to have a look. Perhaps they think they are not experts; that they are not well dressed, not rich enough, and so on. With the “Art School Project Genesis”, children can visit the gallery and meet an artist who wears the Atrium T-shirt with his or her name on it; they are encouraged to ask questions and to learn. When they visit the gallery they are immediately asked to choose the art work they like best, take pictures, and afterwards, as a school project, write down their feelings and their impressions. One may not be an art expert but everybody has feelings when standing in front of a picture, or a certain use
of colours, a sculpture, an idea, a face, and even a sentence…The art is part of our life and of the history of humankind.

Furthermore, depending on the school program and the agenda of the gallery’s artists, Atrium offers free master-classes to any schools that wish to let pupils live the experience of learning in a different way, creating art works directly with an artist, step by step. The aim is to help children grow into adulthood not afraid to get into a contemporary art gallery, living the art as it is is a main part of being human, of their own inner soul.

Some children may have problems at home, broken families, etc. Shouldn’t they at least be proud of their schools, the places where they spend ¾ of their time? Atrium
also created for them the additional free project “Paint your School”, that is a mural painted by the children together with one of the gallery’s artists to let them feel they are doing something to be really proud of, something as important as making their school look nice; an experience that will surely make the difference in their lives, hopefully helping some discover their vocation…as future artists?

But this is not all. Atrium is preparing a new CD with music created for this project. The CD will be presented to all children, parents and artists participating in the project, and to those clients who somehow also participate to make Atrium a successful, powerful and enthusiastic “launch pad” for this and other similar initiatives already in the pipeline. Corinne Lewin, in order to create something exclusive, unique, elegant and impressive, appointed DJ Vincenzo Marbella as Atrium’s official DJ for the creation of the CD entitled “SIGN” that will be the leitmotif for the future years, full of pleasant surprises.

Art School Project Genesis

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