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Assisted reproduction techniques to help fulfil dreams

Assisted reproduction techniques to help fulfil dreams

Presented by HC Fertility Centre-Marbella

Currently assisted reproduction is a subject much discussed in our society and especially by those who have had or have fertility problems

Major progress is being achieved with more and more newer techniques, increasing the success rate and enabling us to cover all possibilities presented to us.

Dr. Luis Miguel Garcia Marin, expert in Assisted Human Reproduction at HC Fertility-El Centro de la Fertilidad Marbella- dispels some doubts about the current situation that society faces and explains what assisted reproduction is.

Currently, what percentages of women / couples have trouble having children?
Recent statistics estimate that the percentage of couples having trouble to conceive is around 15%, this means that the general population in Spain would result in 600-700.000 infertile couples, either primary - those who never had children - or secondary infertility - couples who already have at least one child, but are unable to conceive again.

What exactly is infertility, what are the problems and what are the most common?
The definition of infertility varies between different cultures, countries and scientific societies, for simplicity and for our location, we shall use those issued by the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), who have 2 different concepts, depending on the main problem:

Sterility: Not achieving a pregnancy after one year of regular intercourse

  • Primary Sterility: Never had a pregnancy 
  • Secondary Sterility: Already have one or more child, but unable to conceive again.

Infertility: Inability to produce a live birth, i.e. Repeated miscarriages.
The causes for infertility are multiple and complex, in general we can say that the following are the main statistics:

  1. Only affects women in 30% of cases
  2. Mixed etiology 20%**
  3. Unknown etiology 20%**


What techniques are used, their advantages and risks?

The techniques used vary depending on the cause (etiology) of infertility and very briefly are:

  • Ovulation Induction: This is the simplest. A useful technique in cases of minor problems with ovulation. The risks are low but after 6 unsuccessful attempts it should not be repeated.
  • Artificial Insemination
  • With partner’s sperm
  • Donated semen
  • In vitro fertilization with or without intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVFICSI). This is the technique mostly used today, with a success rate of 40-45% per attempt.
  • Egg Donation: This technique is associated with a higher success rate, up to 60% per attempt. 
  • Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis. PGD: This technique is complementary to IVF, and used to identify the genetically healthy embryos by analyzing one of their cells, only the healthy embryos are to be used. This is perhaps the most innovative technique today.

How important is psychology, stress, etc. during these treatments?
It is very important that the couples understand perfectly the treatment procedure, its benefits and risks to give them less psychological stress; if they still manifest clear symptoms of anxiety, they should be referred to a specialist in psychology to be counseled and helped throughout the process making it a positive experience. At HC Fertility, this is an important aspect for us throughout the process.

In HC Fertility what do we offer?
We offer to study and personalize treatments tailored to each couple, for each case and for each clinical and personal situation of the patient or partner.

**In medicine, etiology refers to the many factors coming together to cause an ailment.

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