Tuesday, 11th May 2021

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I think I was one of the very first to introduce desk top computers in a business back then when the Amstrad first came out; I bought 6 of them and I always did my best to understand and maximise computers business function.

In my usual tradition, our website has now been brought up to date with all the changes required to be compatible with mobile
phones and tablets and I believe with any size screen.

These amendments have resulted in a change of appearance which I quite like because it looks fresher and even easier to navigate. Over the coming holidays I shall be taking a closer look at the smaller details that might improve it even further.

One thing is certain, Web Express Guide is even more Google friendly than ever before and all our advertisers can reap the benefit of this.

We are the only internet portal (website) of the Costa del Sol which is also printed, we were the first ever media anywhere with a website and a printed magazine, everyone else just followed; what is most important for advertisers and users to note is that Web Express Guide is an international media for an international Costa and very different from conventional magazines and newspapers with a website as afterthought.


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