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Publishers Note

Publishers Note

Best service to advertisers is our priority

It has always been my priority to offer the best possible service to our advertisers by providing as good a service as possible while giving readers something new to look at every month.

I started with the website and when I discovered that it needed something more for readers and consumers to be aware of it, I decided to print parts of the website as a small, portable magazine to be distributed free. Sixteen years ago we were the first ever internet Portal to offer the additional printed version, I believe we still are while everyone else with printed productions copied the idea with their websites. Not quite the same thing, I believe.

We have always been innovative and pioneers in our line of business this is why we have over half a million unique visitors to our
pages, this is why most of our advertisers appear on first page of Google searches (by trade), this is why our printed magazine is collected by  readers at super speed leaving behind so many others, this is why readers download an additional 2500 copies of the virtual magazine each month.


Audio-visuals are very important to communication these days and our website provides a whole internet page for each advertiser with photos, banners and even sound when required, however technology moves on and we are now in the process of adding to our service.

This added service gives advertisers the option to to include professionally made video commercials to their descriptions, while
users have an opportunity to see more clearly what is on offer, watch longer advertorials and even informative, educational, entertaining, non-commercially related videos.

As we have said before we are in the process of restructuring our web pages to be compatible with any size screen from mobile to television size, we are nearly there and while doing so we are adding this additional feature. Make your home page, make good use of it, we are here to please users, readers and advertisers and any constructive comments sent to us to improve the service will be more than welcome.

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