Saturday, 8th May 2021

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Free UK TV - A useful tip

Free UK TV - A useful tip

You do not need to pay anything or anyone to watch any of the basic UK TV programs

Skeptic as we always are about some aspects of the Costa, wecannot help noticing how many are offering a UK TV program service since the satellite was replaced with the sad loss ofbasic programs such as BBC, ITV and so on.

This note is just to make you aware that all these programsand quite a bit more are available on the internet FOR FREE at and can also be watched on your TV screen.

Some of the latest TV sets can be connected to the internetbut most other sets can be joined to your computer or laptop
by way of a HD (High Definition) cable that can be purchasedquite cheaply even at the Chinese stores and “hey presto”there you are, watching "Eastenders".

There is no real need to pay subscriptions, buy boxes or anythingelse. The service is free but if you choose to be a memberor pay a subscription, you can get a higher quality pictureand a few other benefits direct from the suppliers used byintermediaries at the moment. I find the free service quitegood enough for me.


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