Thursday, 22nd April 2021

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Wow! UK Olympics 2012

Wow! UK Olympics 2012

What can we say? What a fantastic couple of weeks for UK limited. Wow!

London promised us the greatest show on earth and by George they did it! The venues were superb and were not only finished on time but were finished to an excellent standard. Everything that was planned went off brilliantly. The Police, M15, the Army and of course the Home Office kept everyone safe and secure. Around 70,000 volunteers kept everyone organised and happy with their banter and smiles.

All the transport links worked and even the weather turned out nice again. London town had a wonderful buzz and showed off its impressive grand, noble and aesthetically stunning Capitol City to its best. What a proud time for all Brits. What more could anyone want for a great day out.

How amazing were all the volunteers, always smiling and giving off a fantastic happy vibe indicating how pleased they were to be a part of London Olympic history. The Team GB Athletes were to my mind inspirational and became sporting heroes to many people young and old. All of the medallists have helped to lift the Nation’s spirits immeasurably I am sure have motivated a generation of young people to use sport on their way to their own glory. I hope we can harness all this enthusiasm and invest in a future sporting generation.

Now it is all over and the world’s athletes have headed home and the wonderful party is all over the question of the legacy of London 2012 and its £9bn price tag begins to rear its serious head. Lord Coe has been appointed as the new legacy ‘Boss’ which should come as no surprise. With his experience, commitment and sheer drive, he is an obvious choice to play a central role in ensuring that the Olympics were not just 16 days of fantastic sporting and logistical achievement but will also make a lasting contribution to Britain.

His achievements in putting together London’s winning bid and then delivering it spectacularly and with such stylish imperturbability, deserve our praise and thanks. Perhaps though his new job will prove to be a tad tougher.


One of the best things about London 2012 was the fantastic support all Team GB competitors received from the fans at all the venues and from the British public everywhere. Even though it may be hard to imagine right now, the Olympic Park and surrounding areas are to be transformed into five neighbourhoods with 8,000 new homes, three schools, nine nurseries and believe it or not 29 playgrounds. The Athletes Village is to be turned into affordable living accommodation following the sale to developers for around 557 million pounds. Hopefully the new residents will be able to move into the Village as early as next summer.

This is all part of a grand plan which will regenerate one of London’s poorest areas. It is good to know that this area will definitely benefit from the legacy of the games. It is hoped that around 8000 permanent jobs will be created by 2030 and it is expected that a third of the population will be living in affordable homes.

The Aquatics Centre is to have its capacity reduced and open for public swimming. Those of us who were inspired by Tom Daley will be able to try out the two 50m pools in the Aquatics Centre, for the same cost as using a local leisure centre. Many of the eight venues will also be opened for use by the community. Tourists will be able to climb the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower for views across London, while music fans will be able to watch gigs at the Copper Box which will be used as a multi-event arena.

The body, which owns the 559-acre park, expects a short-term change within two to three years as the park reopens and the first homes are inhabited. Let us hope that it all comes to pass and that the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics The Paralympics are, of course, still to come, and our understanding from the media is that ticket sales are rapidly selling out and it will be a brilliant success.

With the serious business of the Olympic legacy already under way let us hope that the final outcome will be a fantastic legacy of re-development for East London and a boost to the Country as a whole.

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