Saturday, 8th May 2021

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The brain of Spain

The brain of Spain

Visting villkages on horseback. No such thing as free advertising. Hidden unacceptrable bank charges.

In London, Paris and even New York horses are permitted to enter the city, as a matter of fact I believe they may have priority over cars. In Spain, and in particular Andalucia, it is traditional to ride through villages and tourists are encouraged to do so while trying the various bars and tapas.

Unfortunately such a group of 3 or 4 riders were asked to leave the village of Casares by a local police because they were on horseback. Every village and town in Spain is looking for business, especially foreign business and here is “the Brain of Spain” asking people to leave the village for whatever personal problem he might have.

You call yourserlf a publisher?
The idea of placing free of charge magazines in various locations has always been because this attracts readers to those particular locations, I do emphasize the word “readers”.

It would seem that a new trend is rearing its ugly head due to the fact that there are many less interesting publications that pre-prepare to offer free advertising to individual Clients that will allow them to place their publication on show in their business.

This is a very stupid and shortsighted policy because giving  a free advert under these circumstance means that eventually all advertisers will want free adverts. What then? Readers seek and go to look for professional, well produced publications, this is what shops should be interested in ant not cheap free adverts that mean nothing at all.

We produce and invest substantial money each month to produce a well sought after and readable publication, why should we give free advertising on top of a free magazine?


More like the Banks robbing clients! They are inventing every possible charge conceivable to grasp every cent they can.

Today the electricity board sent in their direct debit to pay their bill as they have done for the last 15 years, but I noticed that this time the amount was .10cents more than the bill.

I decided that I wanted to know why? So I went to the bank and very quickly the teller credited the account with the 10 cents saying that she will make sure it does not happen again. I insisted to know why it was done in the first place and the reply was a mumbled: ”commission”.

Can you imagine? How many clients are they trying this on and how many clients will actually take the trouble to queue up and make a fuss for a few cents?

Check your direct debit payments and do not let them get away with it, if you multiply a few cents by the number of clients I am sure it amounts to a tidy little fortune.


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