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Costa del Sol: an alternative to expensive UK University education

Costa del Sol: an alternative to expensive UK University education

Rising university fees in UK are just another cause for “brain drainage”. By Kathy Dancer of Mayfair Academy

With the exam season over, the agonizing wait for results now begins along with the worry that many university applicants could be turned down for a place in the UK. Many of those who have applied this year are fearful of their chances of getting a place. The number of applications has soared with prospective students attempting to beat the rise in tuition fees, of up to £9,000 a year. Officials believe that as many as 200,000 applicants could be turned down.

Academics in the UK are predicting a massive student “brain drain” as students look further afield to cheaper options such as European universities. At Maastricht University in the Netherlands, courses are taught in English and the cost of studying is less than half that
currently charged by UK universities. Maastricht University has seen a tenfold increase this year with more than four hundred applications from UK students compared with just thirty five the previous year. With admissions for this autumn not closing until August, the number of applicants is expected to rise even more.

For students who have the required level of Spanish there is always the option of attending a Spanish university. General requirements for university entrance are the Bachillerato which is taken at school at age 18, swiftly followed by Selectividad exams. A final mark representing points gained for entrance to university is then calculated from the results of these two examinations. Students from International schools can enter Spanish universities with Cambridge International A levels without the necessity of sitting the Selectividad Exam as part of
the entry requirements.


There are, of course, alternatives to university with many different industries offering ´on the job training from Accountancy to Law. With
apprenticeships available in all sorts of professions there are so many more opportunities besides the traditional route through university. To achieve a professional qualification, whilst still at school, there is one alternative that has long been offered by Mayfair International Academy.

Sixth Form students have the choice of embarking on the regular A Level courses or, alternatively they can choose a two year VRQ course in the Health and Fitness Industry with the opportunity to achieve a professional qualification in Advanced Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. These professional fitness instructing courses are certified by CYQ and the qualifications are recognized worldwide.

Extra modules such as Advanced Resistance Training, Exercise to Music, Cardiovascular Training and the new G P Referrals course are also available as addons. Many ex-Mayfair students who have chosen the Fitness Instructing route are now either working in exotic locations in the Fitness Industry, on cruise ships or are continuing their studies at university.

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