Tuesday, 11th May 2021

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Give your children the education they deserve

Give your children the education they deserve

Especially on the Costa del Sol

After eleven years on the coast, Mayfair International Academy has become a well-known educational institution, especially in the field of Health and Fitness Qualifications, with more and more students achieving the prestigious Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer qualification. But the Academy has many facets and, whilst Primary pupils follow a regular British style curriculum, they also have the opportunity of achieving certificates through the same governing bodies used by the Sports Curriculum.

For example, in the PE programme this year, Primary pupils have already achieved Soccer Skills Awards from the Football Association and WaterSkills Awards from the Amateur Swimming Association. The Soccer Skills Awards serve a twofold purpose as the pupils are receiving instruction from Sports Curriculum students, who, in turn are being appraised by their Instructor, as part of their A Level PE course.

The Primary pupils have also been working towards the new National Plan Awards in swimming, consisting of ten levels,and Personal Survival Awards Levels 1 and 2, which have been introduced to all years, with examinations taking place in Years 4, 5 and 6. Thereafter, pupils are trained for the Water Rescue Award (which follows the same syllabus as the first stage of the Royal Life Saving Society Rookie lifeguard programme) and that is completed by Year 6. Each and every pupil in the Primary, therefore, has already achieved and/or is working towards achieving various swimming awards and during these courses the pupil’s confidence, versatility, skills and endurance in the water is further developed. The swimming challenge awards for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours are carried out in the warmer weather in the outdoor pool.

On the academic side, Primary pupils benefit from small classes, well qualified and experienced class teachers, specialist teachers for music, Spanish, PE and swimming and one to one literacy every day. With this type of attention, children make huge advances in all areas of their education. Academic achievements are recognized with the awarding of Mayfair’s own achievement certificates in bronze, silver, gold and platinum and the coveted Student of the Year shield, certificate and monetary prize.


As well as the academic side and the sporting side, there has to also be a fun side of school and this is achieved with a plethora of events and activities planned for the year. For this current term, Mayfair Primary pupils have a whole week of activities centred around Books which will include a Book Quiz between the school’s four houses, a Book Fair, Book Exchange Day, a day when the pupils will dress up as a character from a book and a Mad Hatters Tea Party. Towards the end of term many activities have been planned, with an Easter theme, including egg hunts, egg decorating, Easter Egg raffles and Easter Bonnet competitions.

The summer term for Year Six is the most important time of all, as it is the last term of Primary school, but one of the many benefits of continuous education is that, when pupils are in the last year of Primary education i.e. Year Six, they are slowly integrated into the Secondary system. This transition could be a stressful and traumatic time for Primary pupils as they have been the senior class in the Primary for a whole year and now they are going to become the junior class of the Secondary.

To make the move as painless as possible, during the course of the summer term, the students meet with their future Form Teacher and take some of their subject classes such as Science, Computing and PE in the Secondary Department. Then, towards the end of the term, Year Six pupils, along with their parents and teacher, are invited to enjoy a snack and soft drinks by the pool with their new Form Teacher and the Principal. There they can chat informally and dispel any fears that they may have about moving up to Secondary.

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