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March & April - time for planting

March & April - time for planting

“Last month I gave you some tips for preparing your garden and helping plants to fill and burst your garden with colour and scent..” Says Natalie from Agave Garden Company… now is the time to plant…

ItÂ’s essential that if your plants are to look their very best, you get them in the ground and allow them to establish before the heat of the summer arrives.

We find when planting that the same requests come over and over again; everyone wants tropical looking gardens full of colour! Thankfully, this is a request that we can meet, as it is exactly these sorts of plants that thrive here.

When selecting plants for their garden, many people shy away from buying the larger more mature and sometimes more expensive plants. DonÂ’t dismiss these; larger plants are going to create some instant drama when added to your flowerbeds. Another way of making your planting look more dramatic is to buy lots of the same small plants and plant them in groups of fours or fives. Generally speaking the results will be more eye-catching if instead of wandering around buying 2 of one type 3 of another and so on. You choose 2 or 3 varieties and buy in quantity. 

Given the difference in climate here on the Costa del Sol in comparison to our native countries, we thought it might be wise to offer you some hints on plant varieties that in our experience do well here, but, when adding new plants in any area, make sure you give them the best start possible by mixing fertilizer or organic matter with the soil and watering them in well.

Spiky foliage
The majority of spiky foliage will do well in sun, here are some varieties:
• Phormium – both the green and variegated varieties
• Chamaerops palm
• Sego palm
• Agave – the pale green spike-less

Flowering shrubs
These flowering shrubs too will do well in sun
• Adelfa – similar to rhododendron with beautiful pink or white flowers (beware!! these are 
  poisonous if ingested by animals or humans!)
• Hibiscus – Classic trumpet shaped tropical flower in a variety of pinks/reds/oranges and white
• Bougainvillea – this popular Mediterranean climber is also very effective when used as a      
  shrub, usually cut into a ball shape you can buy them in all sizes.

Bedding and container plants
• Geranium – variety of reds, pinks, oranges and whites –
• Gazania – yellow and multi coloured will do well in the sun
• Rocio – pink trailing succulent (very hardy) – will do well in the sun


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