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Horror at Mayfair Academy

Horror at Mayfair Academy

The shadows were lengthening and a full moon was rising as the band of weird creatures formed a straggly line outside the huge oak doors...

A tall creature, with bulging biceps, was painstakingly entering names in an old book then stepping aside to allow the creatures to enter. As the door creaked open, bloodcurdling screams, groans and demonic laughter spilled out. From the inky darkness within, a bony hand reached out and pulled the next victim inside to meet their fate. As the sound of their terror rose to a crescendo, the door slammed shut. But still they came and joined the queue to enter the house of horror. As darkness fell, flaming torches cast eerie shadows over the graveyard below. A dead tree stood like a sentinel over the tombs and the grim reaper beckoned with a bony finger, but still they came.

As though under a spell, the creatures stood entranced until their time came, then some went bravely and alone, some hesitated then entered slowly, with trepidation, whilst some clutched at their friends and shook with terror but they all had to pass through the huge oak doors and into the ominous darkness beyond.

The end of the first half of the Autumn Term at Mayfair International Academy was celebrated with an evening party on a Halloween theme. The Academy was temporarily transformed into a House of Horror with the internet café metamorphosing into a dungeon. Mike C performed an amazing magic act and students sat silent and transfixed as they watched him deftly execute one routine after another, including escaping from a straitjacket and appearing to slice his arm open with a razor sharp knife. Afterwards the disco began with pulsating music and flashing lights, setting the stage for students to dance the night away amongst the cobwebs festooned with spiders and rodents.


Primary pupils had their own fancy dress party in the afternoon with cakes and jellies and fun and games. The incredible outfits, masks and face-paints, made it difficult to tell who was who. Amongst the vampires, ghouls, witches, devils, zombies and other hideous creatures, there were some extremely beautiful princesses.


As the first of many seasonal parties in the new premises, the Halloween Parties were judged a huge success by all who attended. Plans are already being made for the Christmas celebrations and everyone will be working hard to make these even better than the last ones.

Mayfair Academy is a private International School for students from the age of four (Reception Class) through Primary and Secondary to Year 13 (Upper Sixth Form).  From year 10, students have a choice of curriculums, which are either solely Academic or Sports orientated.  Mayfair Academy has a high success rate with 90% of Sixth Formers securing University places. A 2006 entrant to Essex University has just achieved 97% in his first year exams and has been awarded top student of his year.

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