Tuesday, 11th May 2021

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University? Why go back to UK?

University? Why go back to UK?

The choice available in Andalucia after getting “A” level, explained by the English Internationañl School.

An exciting new change in the law regarding direct entry into Spanish University on the basis of A Level qualifications is on the point of being published. This means that the requirement for the LOGSE Selectividad or the Selectividad de convalidables will no longer apply. Establishments who offer A Level in preference to the International Baccalaureate have eagerly anticipated this change.

Previously, students who have taken A Levels have found that, to enter a Spanish University, it has been necessary to take a gap year, to allow time for the A Levels to be convalidated and it has also been necessary to take the Selectividad or entrance exam as required by the Spanish Authorities. This application process will now be speeded up by the use of predicted results rather than awaiting the actual results in August. Cambridge International Examinations have already contacted their authorised centres in Spain to start the application process for entries for as early as this coming autumn.

This will be good news for students who have chosen A Level as they can now keep their options open regarding whether to apply to a UK or a Spanish university. Spain has a wealth of universities, some dating from the 13th century and, only a few hours drive from Marbella, is the University of Sevilla, founded in 1551. This university is a state institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and one of the largest universities in Spain, with an enrolment of over 75,000 students. The university grants undergraduate degrees as well as doctorates.


Closer to home for students from Marbella / Estepona is the University of Malaga which is relatively new, dating back to the 60s, where 40,000 students are currently enrolled. Degree courses at the University of Malaga include Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences, Administration and Business Management, Economics, Law, Humanities, Medicine, Psychology, Engineering, Computer Science, etc.. A couple of hours drive from Malaga is the University of Granada founded in 1531 and further afield, yet still in Andalucia, are the universities of AlmerĂ­a, CĂłrdoba, Huelva, Cádiz and Jaen.  Naturally, all of the courses will be taught in Spanish and it will be necessary for the student to have an advanced level. However, a great many students currently attending the International schools on the coast have this level of Spanish. For those students who have never lived in the UK, it can be a daunting experience to upstick and head for the grey skies, wind and rain that denotes the beginning of autumn in England.

The choices open to students are now extensive but, of course, not all students have the desire to go on to university whether it be in Spain, the UK or any other country.  There are alternatives and Mayfair International Academy has an excellent alternative – the Sports Curriculum! With two bites at the cherry, the students of Mayfair International Academy have the choice of continuing on to university, if they wish, to study towards a degree in sports science or they can leave school as fully qualified fitness instructors / personal trainers.

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