Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

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It’s time to meet “No Name”

It’s time to meet “No Name”

A traditional British Seaside restaurant in Spain


There will always be seaside restaurants in all places by the sea anywhere on earth, but seaside restaurants in England somehow seem to be different. They have a flavour and an atmosphere of their own; they are part of the British way of life.

This is what the new “No Name Restaurant” in Sabinillas reminds me of. It is a typical British Seaside Restaurant in an excellent spot right on the seafront.


It is the only restaurant I have seen that could have been taken off any British seaside and placed right here on the seafront.
Apart from the great climate, the fantastic view, the beach and the convenience of its location, make no mistake “No Name Restaurant” is not a “Chippie” it is a well run restaurant with a British creative cuisine that many so called good restaurants should envy, especially when looking at their reasonable prices.

Yes it is time you get to know this restaurant. If you are a visitor you will feel very much at home after trying all that paella. If you live here you will not need to shut your eyes to think of home. If you are not British, try it and enjoy the British tradition of a good seafront restaurant.

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